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Where Can You Sell Your Car Online

There are a number of places you can go to sell your car privately, and it’s even easier online. Here’s a list of potential places:


Possibly the most popular place to go is Go there, pick your location and click “post”. Craigslist is good because it’s fairly intuitive, simple, local, popular and free. It also has virtually no security measures, so scammers can frolic and prey on unsuspecting sellers. Experience is your best teacher here, so ask plenty of seasoned Craigslisters for advice on how to avoid a scam and pick out what ads are legitimate and which ones are bogus.


It seems more common to find car parts rather than whole cars, and this could be because parts are easier to ship. eBay covers a lot of ground, and you might find the car you want there but it’ll also be in Alabama while you’re in Oregon. eBay is more secure than Craigslist since you need a VIN to post, but throws little costs out at you that aren’t mandatory but could greatly help sell your car faster. For instance, they charge for more than eleven photos, but do you really need that many?


So far it is the most secure on this list. Autotrader does however charge you for your ad. It’s not the cheapest deal out there either. Autotrader charges $25 for an ad that will run for four weeks with three online photos. The prices go all the way up to $100 for an ad that will stay up until it sells and be featured in ads, on Kelly Blue Book and allows up to 18 photos. They charge an extra $25 for an AutoCheck Report, and to upgrade your ad placement is another $20. Autotrader is a good place to go for a more professional ad, where you’ll get more coverage. Just be prepared to pay for it.

You can pay for a ad if you want to, and like Autotrader you’ll be allowed to post more photos depending on how much you pay, and the ad will run longer. Whichever options you pick will be cheaper than autotrader, but isn’t as popular. It goes from listing for free, which is the basic package, or you can pay up to $50 for a premium package ad which includes up to 15 photos, 150 days of run time and a CARFAX history report.


Also offers a marketplace for cars. It’s free to post but very new compared to the other options on this list, it’s very simple and since it’s on Facebook it’s more exclusive, so it’s more secure than Craigslist. However the popularity or lack thereof dictates the amount of traffic, which still has some room to grow. You can also only filter by distance and price. There are a lot of marketplaces on Facebook, so be sure to just go directly to for the official site.


Instamotor is a completely free used car marketplace. Each listing comes with a free vehicle history report and it doesn’t cost anything to post your car for sale. The website is intuitive, fluid, fast and it’s an easy and quick process to list your car or search for one. For buyers, there are other handy tools such as a car affordability calculator you can use. It’s still a relatively new service, so they are only available in California and Texas for now but it has a lot of potential to grow.

Other Classifieds

There are other startup companies trying to break into the industry of online used car marketplaces as well. OfferUp is one, however it’s apparently wrought with fraudulent activity. Lots of users have reported being scammed and paying money to have their listing appear higher, but are unable to find it. Customer service is also apparently lacking in being effective. At first glance the website is a bit overwhelming, with no discernable organization platform and with no way to organize cars for sale except by nearest distance and the price. It also forces you to download the app in order to post. Altogether as the way it is now, OfferUp is not quite ready to make the list of definitive used car marketplaces.

LetGo is another platform, very similar to OfferUp but it’s a bit less overwhelming to look at. The organization is more clean-cut, but still just as sparse. It is certainly easier to use and loads a lot faster than OfferUp. However it still makes you download the app in order to sell, and it still lacks the familiarity and intuitive interface of more experienced websites like Craigslist or eBay.

5Miles is another startup, and between OfferUp and LetGo, 5Miles is far and away easier to navigate, easier to look at and doesn’t require downloading the app in order to sell. You can organize the listings by distance, price range, and you can sort by most relevant, most recent etc. It’s similar to Craigslist, but nicer looking. One issue with the interface is that if you want to see more categories than what’s on the front page, you must click on “more” which takes you to a more jumbled page with all of the categories strewn in paragraph form, and not in alphabetical order. In other words, if you want to find a specific category to look into, whether it be housing or jobs, you’re going to have a rough time tracking it down. In terms of looking for cars, the names of the cars are not in the ads, and unfortunately there’s no search bar for specifically the automotive section which makes things a bit more difficult. There are a lot of ads though, which means it’s somewhat popular compared to OfferUp.

What to Watch Out For

When selling privately be careful not to give up your address until the correspondence is mostly complete. When posting your ad don’t put your email address or you will get a lot of spams and people trying to scam you, so just stick to calls and texts, or have a rigorous screening process for emails. Also be aware of various scams you can encounter while surfing a site like Craigslist.

Selling privately comes with its own challenges, so considering that it’s important to keep in mind some important guidelines. [Take better photos of your car]( to use on your ad, be sure to respond to inquiries promptly to keep interest and price your car correctly. If you do all three of these things you’re sure to get a lot of interest in your used car.

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